How do l order a video message?

1. Add your favorite song or let us choose a song. Our friends from Africa will dance to this great song
2. Come up with 2-4 sentences that our friends will say. These sentences are written on the chalkboard.
3. Let us know exactly what you want to hear for our friends to pronounce.
4. Add a photo of the person you want to surprise.
5, When the video is made, it will be delivered by email within 1 to 2 days , Please also keep an eye on your spaminbox.


How can l add a song?

When ordering a video message, you can always add a song of your choice. No inspiration or can't you find asuitable song? That is not a problem, because then we will choose a song for you that is completely tailored to yourmessage.

Example of how to pass a song to us: playing time: (0:30) Stromae - Alors On danse


How long does a video last?

A video lasts about 30 to 60 seconds . The perfect length to share your video message with your friends on your social media :)


Do we share recordings on social media?

Only with your permission! Write us a message with your order number and give us permission to share your recording.


What languages do they speak?

The men in the video speak 4 languages, namely: English,German, Dutch and China.


Can I let them say everything?

We expressly ask you to keep it idy. lf we notice something in your application that is inappropriate, we will addressyou to change it.


Am I entitled to a refund?

Unforfunately there is no refund. Each shot is made to special order according to your wishes. In case of exceptionalcircumstances, please contact us by mail: email:blessingsfromafrica@outlook.com


How can I get in touch?

Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 23:00 . You can reach us by email:blessingsfromafrica@outlook.com